python-recsys provides a set of tests, to ensure that my ugly code is not broken each time I pretend to implement something new.

Yet, I’ve found out that sniffing at those (nose) tests is good way to understand how to use this library...

These tests make use of the nosetest library. Install python-nose (in Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install python-nose

How to run the tests

To run the set of tests (and see some output ugly print’s) just do:

cd PATH_TO/python-recsys
nosetests -s -v


To run test.test_algorithm you will need to download the Movielens 1M Ratings Data Set, and save it here:



It takes a few minutes to run the tests.test_algorithm, as it computes the SVD of the input matrix.

If you want to run only one package tests, do:

cd PATH_TO/python-recsys
nosetests -s -v tests.test_evaluation

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